Heard on the block…

Things are on the move at www.precisionlocker.com.  I heard that new lockers are coming.  Don’t yet know what kind but I’m waiting to find out.

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If you like bling…

I just found out that you can get customized T shirts with bling on them from www.customteesetc.com.  As far as I know that’s something new.  You design your logo, or get help doing it, and voila, add rhinestones to your heart’s content.  I can’t decide how much bling I like but there are occasions when a little sparkle might just be the right thing to stand out from the crowd.

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National Sheriffs Association show

 Wish I’d had a video camera.  This actually haappened.  Two sheriffs walked by the Precision Locker booth.  They stopped to survey the lockers on the tables: two pistol lockers, one wall-mount pistol locker, one desk-mount pistol locker, a “home edition” for pistols, an evidence locker that could also be used for guns and a cell phone locker.  I saw the eyes of one of the sheriffs dart from one product to the next while he started muttering, “Damn, we got lockers last year and this is what we should have gotten.  Damn! Damn!”  He walked over to the evidence locker and started playing with it, all the while talking to the other sheriff, “See this, this is what we should have gotten.”  What he liked was the master door that allows access to all the compartments at once.  He started pacing in the booth and finally left only to come back with yet another sheriff to tell him how a master door on the gun locker would make life so much easier.

I never said a word.

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precision locker

Just got back from a trade show with E.  Lots of sheriffs from around the country all looking for products that they might use.  Lockers for guns were a big draw.  Funny, people came up and said, “We just bought lockers and we made a mistake.  This is what we wanted but we didn’t know it existed.”  Not easy in today’s market place to find what you want.  www.precisionlocker.com.  We’ll continue to get the word out.

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great site

Just found the greatest site.  I was looking for an idea for a baby gift and I came across www.customteesetc.com.  I can get baby gifts as well as t-shirts as well as any gifts I can imagine for adults.  Of course I’m too old for personalized wedding favors but it’s on there too.  Boy, I’m showing my age but I’m excited to have run across this site.

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